Double Diablerie – Chicago






Page size 900 x 600 mm printed recto verso.

Double Diablerie

Double Diablerie (DD project) is a print project resulting in four limited edition large-scale artists’ books. The full completed project was exhibited at the Satellite Gallery, Nagoya, Japan in July 2016 and was exhibited at the John David Mooney Foundation Chicago in September /October 2016.

Scottish artists Arthur Watson and Ian Howard have discussed this project intermittently over the last few years. Although their individual work is essentially different they share an interest in the Devil and his place in religion and folklore. The artists found a corresponding interest with Japanese printmakers Sotaro Ide and Hisashi Kurachi.

In 2010 Arthur Watson was in Nagoya for an exhibition of his work and delivered a lecture ‘Ritual, superstition, and oral culture in Scotland “, at the University of the Arts, Aichi, Nagoya which led to the development of the theme for the DD project; a commonality of esoteric cultures linking Scotland and Japan, including for example, mountains named for the Devil, groves of trees with spiritual significance, incantations, scapegoat rituals and ghostly manifestations.

The outcome of the DD project is four limited edition artists’ books – one by each artist – with editioned pages, 900 x 600mm, printed recto-verso. The edition size is ten. The books have been bound by the Japanese sewn method and each set of four books is presented in boxes customised by the artists. Two further sets remain unbound for exhibition.

This exhibition which consists of sixty-four large scale prints, sixteen by each artist, plus the bound artists’ books and boxes, was presented at the John David Mooney Foundtion, Chicago. This venue was particularly appropriate for this exhibition, as both Howard and Watson have previously shown work here, and have had a long and creative association with John David.

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