Dat Rosa Mel Apibus

mixed media on wood 38cm x 30 cm



mixed media on wood 38cm x 30cm

Blood quotes from Fouquet’s portrait of Charles VII’s mistress Agnes Sorel, which is an exceptionally sophisticated and scandalous painting portraying Agnes as the Blessed Virgin with her left breast bared. Among other things, Agnes is commemorated in several dishes including, appropriately

Suprême de Volaille Agnès Sorel (breasts of chicken in a Madeira sauce on rice flavored with truffles, mushrooms and tongue).



mixed media on wood  136cm x 100cm

st1 copy

Pilgrim II

mixed media and wax on wood 30cm x 38cm


Pilgrim I

mixed media on wood 28cm x 38cm

Ultramarine. Colour: It has the appearance of deep-sapphire or corn-flower blue depending on the stone. Material appearance: transparent particles of varying sizes, mostly flat, with a splintered corner outline and a shell-shaped uneven fracture. Chemical Composition: Sulphur containing sodium and calcium silicate. The blue colour is created by the sulphur radical compounds enclosed within the silicate lattice.


The Invisible College

mixed media on wood 136cm x 100cm

The Invisible College of the Rosicrucians. Contemporary examples include: the Church of Mithra in Brussels, the Astara of Lausanne, the Fraterinty of Isis in Grenoble, the Grail Foundation of America, the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, Lectorium Rosicrucianum in Holland, the Bavarian Illuminati of San Francisco and the Templar Alliance of Toulouse to name but a very few.


Published by Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, 1998

ISBN 1 899837 23 X

Ian Howard, Murdo MacDonald, Kevin Henderson

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